Puheenjohtaja / Chairperson

Nick Bursiewicz


Hey! My name is Nick and I am a third-year English major. As chairperson of Magna Carta’s board, my job is to convene and chair our board meetings, represent Magna Carta and make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible in our association. I also keep track of what is happening in our association and board in general. You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions that have to do with Magna Carta, your studies or other issues you have faced at the university. I will gladly help you myself or guide you to the person who is the expert on the issue!

 Varapuheenjohtaja, YK-vastaava / Vice chairperson, United Language Student Coordinator

Lilli Tiainen


Hello! My name is Lilli and I’m a third-year English major. As the United Language Students coordinator, my job is to keep both associations up to date with each other’s affairs.

As the vice chairperson I’m also a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have anything to ask about our organization.



Sihteeri, alumnivastaava / Secretary, alumni affairs

Piia Suoranta


Hello, my name is Piia and this is my fifth year as an English major. As the secretary, I write up the minutes of our meetings and then spam your facebook and email with them – you’re welcome. Alumni affairs include being in contact with postgraduate students of English. If you want to chat about line spacing, commas, alumni affairs, or just plain chat, I’m here!



Rahastonhoitaja / Treasurer

Sara Nousiainen


Hello! I’m Sara, Magna Carta’s treasurer. I am a second-year student majoring in English. As a treasurer, I take care of Magna’s assets and document all the revenues and expenditures. I also keep an eye on our membership register, so if you feel like joining Magna Carta, feel free to contact me!




Korkeakoulupoliittinen vastaava / Academic affairs

Laura Poranen


Hi there! My name is Laura and I’m a fourth-year English student. My job in a nutshell is to make sure that students’ rights are followed. So if you come across any trouble regarding your studies or feel that you have not been treated according to the students’ rights, please contact me and we’ll figure out those issues together.




Kv-vastaava, liikuntavastaava / International affairs, sports representative

Satu Berggren


Hey! My name is Satu and I’m a second-year English major (and on my sixth year studying sport and health sciences). I’m the representative of international affairs of Magna Carta this year, so my task is to promote the internationalization of our subject organization in different ways.  I’m also the sports representative, so I try to keep you physically active to improve your well-being during this sometimes stressful and exhausting university life by organizing sports activities. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wishes related to international affairs or sports!

Tiedottaja / Publicist

Aleksi voutilainen

Hello everyone! My name is Aleksi and I am a second-year English major. As the publicist of Magna Carta my job is to keep Magna’s social media accounts and this website updated and to make sure that you get well informed about matters considering our student association. If you have any ideas or questions related to Magna Carta’s social media and communication, please let me know!



Sosiaalipoliittinen vastaava / Social affairs

Sofia Blomquist


Hello there! My name is Sofia and I’m a third-year student majoring in English. As the social policy correspondent, I follow the social policies and decisions concerning the students and I will inform the members about those decisions. Participating in the meetings of the Social Policy Committee and represent Magna Carta ry in those meeting is also my task. 

The social policy correspondent will also act as a listening ear to members in things like:  accommodation, finance, student health and wellbeing, bullying, harassment, and other social problems related to studying. As the social policy correspondent, I will take general concerns to the Social Policy Committee. It is my job to make sure that the equality is carried out in our actions and events, and that everyone feels equal and that everyone who wants to take part in our events, etc. can do so.

Tapahtumavastaava, merkkivastaava / Event coordinator, patch representative

Kaisa Maunuaho


Hey! My name is Kaisa and I’m a third-year English major student. I study Swedish as my minor. As an event coordinator, I plan and organise events with our other coordinators. It is my task to keep the members of Magna Carta informed about the events as well. My other field of responsibility is Magna’s patches. In case of any thoughts or questions regarding events or patches, feel free to contact me!



Tapahtumavastaava, kulttuurivastaava / Event coordinator, culture representative

Anni Tolonen


Hey! My name is Anni and I’m a second-year English major. My job as an event coordinator is to plan and organize different kinds of events with our event team and keep you informed about upcoming events. As the culture representative, I will participate in the meetings of the Subcommittee for Cultural Affair, which will hopefully give us some new information and ideas for cultural activities and events. If you have any ideas or wishes concerning culture or events, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Tapahtumavastaava, kehitysyhteistyö- ja ympäristövastaava / Event coordinator, development coordination, environmental affairs

Jyri Väisänen


Hi! I’m Jyri and I am a second-year student majoring in English. I handle the event related duties conjointly with Kaisa and Anni and share the development cooperation / environmental affairs section with Jonne. If you have anything to ask, tell or comment on concerning the areas mentioned above, I’m your guy!




Kehitysyhteistyö- ja ympäristövastaava/ Development coordination, environmental affairs

Jonne Pakarinen


Hi! My name is Jonne and I’m a second-year English major and I’m currently in charge of Magna Carta’s environmental and development cooperation section with Jyri. Basically, we make sure that Magna Carta would be eco-friendly as possible starting from ensuring that coffee served in Magna Carta’s meetings and events is Fair Trade to organizing different events regarding these issues. You will hear more about them in the future!