Board 2020

Chairperson / Puheenjohtaja

Elmeri Tommiska

Hello there! I’m Elmeri, a third year English teacher student. It’s my second year in Magna Carta’s board, and I’m Magna’s chairperson for this year. I helm the board’s meetings and make sure everything’s running smoothly, both inside and outside the board. You can ask me literally anything and I’ll do my best to provide an answer!

Vice-chairperson, head of communication / varapuheenjohtaja, viestintävastaava

Nina Ålander

Hello! I’m Nina. I’m a fourth-year English major. As the vice chairperson of Magna Carta, my tasks include a bit of everything, which means you can contact me no matter what’s the topic. As a head of communication, I am running our association’s distribution of information and the coordination of our media accounts. Feel free to contact me, I’m always ready for a wee chat!

Secretary, Development cooperation coordinator / sihteeri, kehitysyhteistyövastaava

Vilja Elo

Hi there! My name is Vilja and I’m a freshman, consequently this is my first year in Magna Carta’s board. I’m quite talkative so I needed to learn the beautiful skill of being quiet, hence becoming the secretary. (Nah just kidding, I just have fast fingers). My job is to write down the minutes of Magna Carta’s meetings and make sure that they are available to all. Along with the secretary duties, I try to make our organisation’s activities as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our organisation or ideas you’d like pinch to us 🙂

Treasurer / rahastonhoitaja

Sara Nousiainen

Hello! I’m Sara, a third-year English major. This is my third year on Magna Carta’s board. My role in our board this year is being the treasurer which means I have the responsibility of funds and resources of Magna Carta. I manage our bank accountings and keep hold of all the receipts from the past academic years. Feel free to contact me about anything related!

Academic affairs / korkeakoulupoliittinen vastaava

Krister Linnas or find me on insta or FB.

Hey! My name is Krister and a board member for the second time. My primary role is academic affairs, which means looking out for the rights of English students. I’m used to having to speak out about my own study rights because of my bad eyesight. So feel free to contact me if there’s anything bothering you related to studies and let’s look at it and fix it together!

Social affairs / sosiaalipoliittinen vastaava

Laura Suutala

Hi guys! My name is Laura and I’m a first-year English major. This is my first year hopping into Magna Carta’s board too. As the representative of social affairs, I take care of the well-being and equality of our students. I’ll make sure that all of our students’ voices are heard. If you have any worries or questions, you can come and meet me at our campus or send me an email!

International affairs / kansainvälisyysvastaava

Matti Kovanen

Hey! My name is Matti and I’m a second-year English teacher student. I’m the representative of international affairs of Magna Carta this year, so my task is to ensure that our subject organisation is welcoming to exchange students and other international guests. I also coordinate cooperation with organisations that are specifically directed at international students, particularly in matters related to events. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wishes related to international affairs!

Sports representative / Liikuntavastaava

Jouni Ojaniemi

Hi! I’m Jouni and i’m a second-year English major. This is my first year on the board of Magna Carta and I will be working as the sports representative. My task is to organize sports events for our members and also to give information of these events. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Culture representative, JANO-representative / kulttuuri- & jano-vastaava

Valtteri Iso-Rautio

Hey. My name is Valtteri Iso-Rautio and I’m a third year English major. This will be my second year in Magna Carta, and I will continue in the culture sector of things with the addition of keeping the board and the members of Magna Carta in touch with JANO ry. I may be contacted via e-mail if you believe that your questions, requests or comments regard my sectors.

Event coordinator, Lingviestit representative / tapahtuma- ja lingviestit-vastaava

Suvi Saloniemi

Hi y’all! My name is Suvi and I’m a 4th year English major. This is my third year in Magna Carta’s board. I’m the Lingviestit representative of the board, meaning I make sure that communication between the board and the umbrella organisation, Lingviestit ry, works smoothly and both parties are informed about important decisions and events. As an event coordinator, I work with other event coordinators to organize all sorts of events as well as make sure that the news about them reach you as well. If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas don’t be afraid to come and talk to me or any of us event coordinators.

Event coordinator, social media representative, business affairs / Tapahtuma-, some- & yritysyhteistyövastaava

Iida Källroos

Hi there! My name is Iida and I’m a first-year English major. This is my first year as a member of the board too and right away I have not one or two but three roles, which I’m very excited about! As an event coordinator I get to be a part of planning and carrying out all kinds of different events for our members and others too. I’m also responsible for our social medias together with Vilma, making sure they run smoothly and keeping our followers updated about what’s going on. Last but not least, I’m in charge of the communication between our organization and our current partners, keeping things up to date and also making relations with new potential partners. Don’t hesitate to contact me via email or social media or to knock on my shoulder on campus if you have anything you want to chat with me about!

environmental affairs, social media representative / ympäristö- & somevastaava

Vilma Luostarinen

Hi there! My name is Vilma and I’m a freshman English major. Therefore, this is also my first year as a member of Magna’s board. This year I’ll be taking care of Magna’s environmental affairs which means that I try to make sure that our organization runs as eco-friendly as possible. My job is to ensure that for example Magna’s events are sustainable and that the provided food is coming from the right sources. I am also working as a publicist together with Iida, meaning that we try to keep our students as informed as possible about different kinds of events (you’ll probably get to encounter quite many fair trade/environmental-type of events from now on…) and all sorts of fun through Magna’s social media platforms. Feedback is always very welcome so if you have any thoughts or questions related to these areas, feel free to chat with me!

Freshmen representative, patch representative / Fuksi- & merkkivastaava

Pyry Koskelainen

How’s it going? My name is Pyry and I’m currently spending my first year at the university and Magna Carta’s board. I’m a laid-back and outgoing guy majoring in English with maybe a bit too many irons in the fire, but I’ll manage. It’s my duty as the freshmen representative to act as a link between the tutors and the board. And as the patch representative I’m responsible for our many fantastic patches and I’m your go-to guy when it comes to matters concerning them. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or questions on your mind.