Puheenjohtaja / Chairperson

Laura Poranen

Hi there! My name is Laura and I’m a fifth-year English student. My job is to convene and chair our board meetings, represent Magna Carta and make sure that everything in our association is running smoothly. In other words, I keep track of what is happening in our association and board in general. If you have any issues or questions related to Magna Carta, your studies or the university, please contact me! I will gladly help or guide you to a person who is the expert on the issue!

Varapuheenjohtaja, Fuksivastaava / Vice-chairperson, Freshmen representative

Kaisa Maunuaho

Hello! My name is Kaisa and I’m a fourth-year English student. As the vice chairperson of Magna Carta my tasks include a bit of everything, which means that you can contact me no matter what’s the topic. I am also the freshmen representative, and it is my job to keep up with the communication between the tutors and the board. Don’t hesitate to ask if something’s on your mind!

Sihteeri / Secretary

Sofia Blomquist

Hi, I’m Sofia and this is my fourth year as an English major. This is also my third year as the board member of Magna Carta. As the secretary, I write down the minutes of our meetings. If you ever wonder what has been decided or what has been discussed during the meetings, check your email, or Magna’s fb, the info’s there. 😉

If you have any questions or comments concerning the minutes, please contact me.

Hope to see you in our meetings and other happenings!

Rahastonhoitaja / Treasurer

Sara Nousiainen


Hello! I’m Sara, Magna Carta’s treasurer. I am a third-year student majoring in English. As a treasurer, I take care of Magna’s assets and document all the revenues and expenditures. I also keep an eye on our membership register, so if you feel like joining Magna Carta, feel free to contact me!

Korkeakoulupoliittinen vastaava / Academic affairs

Krister Linnas

Hey! My name is Krister and first-time board member here at Magna. My primary role is academic affairs, which means protecting the rights of English students. I believe that I’m well suited for this role as I have a slightly different background than most as I have somewhat limited eyesight. Feel free to contact me if there’s anything bothering you related to studies and let’s fix it!

Sosiaalipoliittinen vastaava / Social affairs

Oona Koskinen

Hi everyone! I am Oona, and I’m the representative of social affairs of Magna Carta. My areas are especially students’ economy, living, well-being and equality. I will guide you if you are having troubles or questions in these matters. Also, all ideas to improve students’ well being are always welcome and I am more than happy to take them into consideration in our board meetings and the JYY committee of social affairs.

Kv-vastaava / International affairs

Matti Kovanen

Hey! My name is Matti and I’m a second-year English major. I’m the representative of international affairs of Magna Carta this year, so my task is to promote the internationalization of our subject organization in different ways.  I’m also the sports representative, so I try to keep you physically active to improve your well-being during this sometimes stressful and exhausting university life by organizing sports activities. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wishes related to international affairs!

Liikuntavastaava, merkkivastaava / Sports representative, patch representative

Teemu Tuomainen

Hello there! My name is Teemu and I’m a third-year English major. I am one of the two sports representatives, so I aim to plan and organize sporting activities for you to enjoy. I’m also responsible for Magna’s patches. If you encounter any ideas, thoughts or questions about these matters, feel free to hit me up!

Kulttuurivastaava / Culture representative

Valtteri Iso-Rautio

I’m Valtteri and I am the culture representative of Magna Carta ry. Essentially, I attend JYYs culture committee meetings and relay info to our organization. I also poke my nose at other things that I deem culture related, plan and hope to bring out culture related events and take suggestions or feedback regarding our organization’s cultural activity.

Tapahtumavastaava, Lingviestit-vastaava / Event coordinator, Lingviestit representative

Suvi Saloniemi

Hellou! My name is Suvi and I’m a 4th year English major. I’m the Lingviestit representative of the board, meaning I make sure that communication between the board and the umbrella organisation, Lingviestit ry, works smoothly and both parties are informed about important events and decisions. As an event coordinator I work with other event coordinators to organize all sorts of events as well as make sure that the news about them reach you as well. If you have any questions or comments don’t be afraid to come and talk to me or any other event coordinator when you see us in the campus.

Tapahtumavastaava, kehitysyhteistyö- ja ympäristövastaava / Event coordinator, development coordination, environmental affairs

Eero Väisänen

Hey there! My name is Eero and I’m a second-year English major. Part of my job is to ensure that our organizations events are as eco-friendly as possible (ie. no disposable plates or cups if they can be avoided) and served foods are from ethical sources. As a part-time event coordinator I will be organizing various activities among other event coordinators. If you have any concerns or questions, I’ll be your guide!

Tiedottaja / Publicist


Hi! This bubbly gal is the publicist for Magna Carta. This means I make sure our members know about all the nice and current thingys within our organization and student community in general. My job is to run our social media accounts, website, and other distribution. I also organize events in tandem with our and Lingviestit ry’s event coordinators for I am too passionate not to.

I’m a crazy creationist and a fourth-year teacher student majoring in English. Do not hesitate to come chat with me about anything! I love people! See y’all around.

Tapahtumavastaava / Event coordinator

Elmeri tommiska

Hi! My name is Elmeri, Magna’s event coordinator for the autumn. It’s my third year in Jyväskylä. My hobbies include music and Dungeons and Dragons, and I also like Kortepohja and sitsfests. Hit me up if you have any cool ideas for events!